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Our Mission


Since 2012, Munster Bootcamp has been helping hundreds of individuals to get fitter faster. Besides helping private individuals, Munster have also ran events for Community Centres as well as coach athletes from Primary Schools. Munster Bootcamp was also featured in Timeout Singapore, Yahoo News and The Smart Local.

At Munster Bootcamp , we are committed to improving your fitness and lifestyle! A wide variety of exercises are incorporated into our fitness bootcamp regimes to transform your physical fitness to a whole new level. With your determination and guidance from The Munster Team, results are guaranteed!

Our objective is for participants to achieve self-improvement so we aim to push every individual to their limits, and beyond. Munster Fitness Bootcamp & Sports Training also provide nutritional counseling, and health education for a comprehensive approach to personal fitness.

Remember that all fitness levels are welcomed. Whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle and is now looking to get in better shape or you are already a fitness guru and looking for ways to improve your workout routine, JOIN US!

Check out the fitness bootcamp packages that we offer and sign up NOW!

Zee, the founder of Munster Bootcamp, is a Peak Performance Coach  as well as a certified Rugby (IRB) and Handbal (IHF) coach. He is also the author of 2 books, “Outlast Your Enemies : Secrets To Supercharge Your Mind and Body” and “No Pain Weight Loss”.