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Munster Bootcamp have partnered with Hitch Fit to bring you these life-changing programs at the comfort of your own home!



Moms! Do you want to get your pre pregnancy body back, or get in even better shape than you were before you became pregnant? If you’re looking to shed the fat that came along with your new little bundle of joy, then we have just the program for you. This program can begin approximately 8 weeks post pregnancy. Sign up for the Post-Pregnancy Program




If you are looking to build muscle and strength then this program option is for you. You will not want to choose this program unless you are already lean and under 12-14% bodyfat. If you start this program above that % you could gain fat at a quicker pace. Learn how to eat and train properly to build lean muscle tissue and build overall strength. Sign up for the Build Muscle program




Need to drop that weight? NO PAIN, NO SWEAT! Drop the pounds and see the new YOU ! Check out No Pain Weight Loss