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Munster Futsal Registration


We are currently looking to recruit new players into the squad and have the desire to commit to this exciting game.

Futsal puts high demands on physical fitness and is an excellent way to prepare players and it can be played all year round and requires excellent ball control.

If you are interested please, read the terms and conditions and complete the form below and we will get back to you.

Please ensure you fill in all the items marked with ‘*’ before submitting this form to enable us to process your enquiry as soon as possible, thank you.


Points to Note:

1. Participation is open to all males 15 – 25 years old except those who are registered with FAS National Team, S-League and International Football Clubs / League.

2. Trial will be conducted on 4 and 5 June at East Coast Futsal Pitch, 9 – 11am.

3. Fee of $10, inclusive of FREE gift  should be paid on the day before commencement of trial.


4. Players must bring their own kit.

5. Closing Date is 3 June 2015 (Wednesday)

6. Once the organizer receives the name list, a follow up email/call will be made to confirm the player’s participation.

7. The committee reserves the right to repudiate the registration of any player (s), at its’ discretion.

8. For more details, please email kym@munsterbootcamp.com


Terms & Conditions:

1. Registration MUST be completed to confirm your slots.

2. Each player MUST make the payment of $10 to participate in the trial. Failure to comply with points 1 and 2 will cause the player to be excluded from the trial.

3. ALL players must undertake the responsibility of ensuring the health and well-being of the self before trying for the trial.

4. Players shall undertake the responsibility of ensuring their eligibility . If participant(s) is / are found ineligible, they will be disqualified from the trial with immediate effect. All participants must bring along their identification card for verification purposes.

5. Only players listed in the registration form are eligible to participate in the competition.

6. All participants shall comply with the instructions and decisions of the event organizer and match officials.

7. Any changes / amendments / decisions would be made at the sole discretion of the organizer.



Upon the organizing committee undertaking reasonable care to ensure that the safety of all the participants in this Futsal trialis taken care of, I confirm that I will not hold the organizing committee responsible for the following: a) Death b) Disability c) Personal Injury d) Loss of property or any other loss howsoever arising from any cause and whatsoever in connection with the tournament or with my participation therein. I certify that the above particulars are true and correct and I will conform to the Rules and Regulations, maintain good conduct and play in the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.