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Our Testimonials

We have helped countless individuals change their lifestyle to become stronger, fitter and happier.
Here are what some of our previous clients have to say about Munster Fitness Bootcamp & Sports Coaching!

Idah, Ladies Bootcamp

-“It’s a very motivating bootcamp. It has music. There’s variety in every week. There’s treats at the end of the camp.”

Pierre, Adult Bootcamp

-“Very motivating trainers who keep pushing your best with different variety of exercise every week that makes it more interesting.”

Alison, Ladies Bootcamp

-“Encouraging. Not yelled at. Supportive. Instructors that listen to us.”

Yin Yin, Personalized Training

-“Really pushes me to my limits. Variety. Fun. Very convenient too ! I like everything !”

Monica, Buddy Bootcamp

-“Built stamina + strength. Used muscles I don’t normally.”

EmilyBuddy Bootcamp

-“I loved the instructor; liked the variety of exercises; the way i feel afterwards; pretty much EVERYTHING.”

JuliaBuddy Bootcamp

-“Flexibility in timing/venue, progression of workout program, great trainer.”

Munster Fitness Video Testimonial

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