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Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp

As experienced fitness trainers and health coaches, we understand that one of the obstacles in maintaining a disciplined exercise schedule is always the lack of time and the inconvenience it could cause. This is especially so for people who work long hours or lack private transport to travel around.

That’s why, instead you having to travel to a fitness studio or gym for your training sessions, WE BRING THE THE TRAINING TO YOU! Munster Fitness Bootcamp training sessions are held in all different parts of Singapore for the convenience of our Bootcampers!

We believe that nothing beats the training environment like the great outdoors as the air is fresher and more stimulating, resulting in greater fat burn and efficiency!

Contact Us to find out more about our list of training locations and find the place that best suit your convenience!

Here are some training locations that many of our Bootcampers go for! 

Bootcamp: East Coast Park Singapore


Bootcamp: Kent Ridge Park


Bootcamp: Fort Canning Park


Bootcamp: Botanic Gardens Singapore