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Bootcamp For Athletes

Are Your Athletes and Teams Losing ?

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The playing field for professional team sports has changed over the years. Professional league athletes are younger than their earlier counterparts and they are required to play within a sports culture that is increasingly demanding and focused on success. These athletes face a wide range of challenges including being in the spotlight and under public scrutiny and facing tremendous performance demands and rapid changes in socio-economic status. The results can be detrimental to the team if the athlete is not mentally prepared and 100% focused.

The goal of Bootcamp For Athletes is to understand the needs of an athlete or professional sport organization and then finding the best solution to bring the athletes and teams to the next level. These 3 areas identified below:


Evaluation of Athletes – Using tool and  assessments, we are able to gain important and insightful information prior to the draft about a player’s mental, emotional and behavioral make-up which they otherwise might not glean until much later, perhaps when it is too late. Such information is invaluable in the early process as it greatly increases the likelihood of a “good pick” and a “good match” for their team.

Mental Skills Training – As Yogi Berra once said, “Ninety percent of the game is half mental”. Having strong mental skills, also known as mental toughness, is essential for peak performance. These skills can be learned and when applied in athletic situations, performance improves. In building these skills, the athlete learns how to perform at high levels under pressure, how to stay positive during tough stretches in a game or match, and how to successfully prepare mentally for competition. Athletes who develop their mental skills in areas such as concentration, confidence, adaptability, and teamwork are more successful.

Performance Enhancing Program – To becoming a winning team or athlete, they will be exposed to customized workout programs to bring the physical level. Weak areas will be spotted and these will be work on to bring the athletes and team physical fitness and ability to the next level.

Athletes that develop their mental skills in areas of concentration, confidence, adaptability, and teamwork have a much greater chance of success. Eliminate potential disasters, improve the team’s success and improve individual athletic and team performance. Don’t just settle for an average team, aim to be the BEST ATHLETES AND TEAM !