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Student Athlete Sponsorship

About the Sponsorship

Sports Teams, if you are looking for sponsorship, contact us today

and bring more success to your teams !



Our Student Athlete Sponsorship is open to those who meet these criteria:

  • Singaporeans with Singaporean parents

  • Excellent sports performance

  • Primary 5 to Secondary 3

  • Parents with low income


This sponsorship is open to both males & females - regardless of race, language or religion.

Upon successful selection, the student athlete will be supported in the following areas:

  1. Supply of sports equipment

    • Items include/not limited to sports shoes, rackets, sports attire, etc.

    1. Mental conditioning programme

      • Students will be taught on goal setting and visualization techniques.

      1. Strength conditioning programme

        • Students will be advised on exercises/workouts that will improve their athletic ability.

        1. Nutrition conditioning

          • Students will be taught optimal dietary methods to get the most of their bodies.

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